The X10 FAQ

Section Index

SECTION 1: General Information

Q101. What is X10?
Q102. What sort of X10 transmitters exist?
Q103. What sort of X10 receivers exist?
Q104. How many different units can X10 handle?
Q105. Who makes X10 components?
Q106. Who sells X10 components?
Q107. How do I solve common X10 problems?
Q108. Will X10 work on 220/240V?
Q109. How do I send and receive X10 signals with my computer?
Q110. Where do I get X10 software for my computer?
Q111. Where do I look for more information on X10?
Q112. How should I design the wiring of my new home to accommodate X10?
Q113. How do I control fluorescent and halogen lights with X10?
Q114. Can I use X10 in a three-way light switching application?
Q115. What is PLIX?
Q116. Can I use X10 components outside?
Q117. What are the various combinations of X10 wireless receivers and transmitters that work together?
Q118. How do I make the motion detector floodlight unit work properly?
Q119. How do I control an X10 device from a standard light switch?
Q120. How do I control my garage door with X10?
Q121. How do I improve the accuracy of my CP290 Home Control Interface?
Q122. How do I make an X10 light brighten up from zero intensity?
Q123. What components are available for me to build my own X10 modules?
Q124: What patents cover the X10 system?
Q125. What radio frequencies do X10 componants use?
Q126. Where did X10 come from?

SECTION 2: Information on X10 Components

SECTION 3: Details on X10 Protocol

SECTION 4: Programming details for CP290 Home Control Interface

SECTION 5: Modifications to X10 hardware

Q501. How do I modify appliance modules for momentary operation?
Q502. How do I add local dimming capability to wall switch modules?
Q503. How do I modify the maxi-controller to accommodate more than 16 units?
Q504. How do I modify the mini-controller to control more units?
Q505. How do I modify the mini-controller to control all units for a single housecode?
Q506. How do I modify the mini-controller to control only units 9-12 or 13-16?
Q507. How do I modify the mini-controller for momentary operation?
Q508. How do I repair a "blown" lamp module?
Q509. How do I defeat local control of lights and appliances?
Q510. How do I add a relay output to the power horn?
Q511. How do I change the crystal in my CP290?
Q512. How do I repair a broken wall switch module?

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